Hours of Operation

  • Monday-Wednesday: 9am-5pm
  • Friday & Saturday: 9am-1pm
  • Thursday & Sunday Closed


To make an appointment: Call our main number 954-346-3120

or secure message us using the blue "Message us" button below.

Welcome to Walk-in to Wellness - Dr. Jason Zannis

Dr. Jason Zannis opened Walk-In to Wellness over 20 years ago out of residency with a big idea…access to health&wellness as a walk-in primary care office. Visits can be by appointment, walk-in, and now text options to video conferencing to enhance care. Waiting for refills, visits, lab results, and most health issues can be addressed so time can be focused on wellness options. My goal is to keep you healthy and if possible get off medications and stay out of the doctors office or hospital through technology and prevention. Wellness is a journey with specialized testing, procedures, and personalized products to enhance health&wellness. I use the walk-in as an opportunity to change the idea of my office as a place where sick people go…rather a place to get well. Walk-in sick but leave well!

About Us

We are a primary care walk-in because we want you to be seen when is most convenient and helpful to get you well. We offer unique testing such as spectracell.com labs that looks options to enhance your immunity and anti-oxidant function to help prevent you from getting sick or chronic disease. Some of the procedures we have include allergy testing to enhance immunity, IV infusions based on personalized testing, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), and Laser Treatment Options for non-surgical body contouring and many skin conditions. We also have a variety of products unique to wellness such as personalized nutrient, hormone, and peptides based on deficiencies, symptoms, and short&long term expectations. The journey to wellness starts by walking in and we help you get there every step of the way.

Get in Touch

Visit Types

  • Traditional

    Traditional walk-in no calling or scheduling necessary just walk-in for any concern.

  • Medical Treatment

    For an appointment, call our main number (954) 346-3120 or use our secure messaging system by selecting the blue “Message us” button below..

  • Express Visit

    Express-Visit is our text option through Klara for many medical concerns addressed in a few simple text like refills or simple illness to save time and quicker care than a minute clinic. Text now for an express-visit.

  • eVisit

    eVisit is an option that we conserve for visits that can be through telemedicine or video conferencing that is HIPPA compliant. Perfect for more complex issues where there are barriers like distance to come to Walk-In to Wellness. Schedule and eVisit now.