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Personalized Testing for Optimal Wellness

We have a variety of labs we work with to help determine options for many issues like weight loss, fatigue, libido, strength, and overall vitality

We can have testing done in our office, at specialized labs or, in some cases, have kits mailed to your home for your convenience. Many insurance companies cover a large portion of the tests. These include taking saliva, urine and/or blood samples for:

Allergy Testing

The best way to test for allergies is through what is known as skin testing. There are essentially two types of skin tests which doctors and health technicians perform:

In this test, a minute drop of a potential allergen is scratched into the skin and the body’s reaction is closely monitored. This is the most common form of allergy testing.

In this test, a small amount of a potential allergen is injected under the skin using a thin needle. This type of testing is often used to test for allergies to insect stings or penicillin.

Hormone Testing

HRT works by introducing specific hormones into the patient’s body to achieve optimal hormone levels and reduce the symptoms of hormone deficiencies.

Nutrient Testing

Unfortunately, nutritional deficiencies are surprisingly common, even in people that eat a healthy diet. At Walk-In to Wellness, we can test for a wide variety of nutrients to determine if your body’s receiving the correct amount to work at its optimal and most efficient levels. These include testing for: