Wellness Remedies to Boost Your Immune System

December 20, 2018

Your immune system’s health is something you need to take very seriously. After all, it’s what keeps you healthy and is your body’s defense against potentially deadly viruses and microbes. At Walk Into Wellness, we want all of our patients to live life to their fullest. Here are a few wellness remedies to boost your immune system.

Get More Rest

Lack of sleep can seriously harm your immune system. In fact, studies have shown that those who do not get enough sleep are more likely to become sick when exposed to a virus than those who do maintain an adequate sleeping schedule. During sleep, your immune system releases proteins known as cytokines, which not only promote restful sleep but also help fight infections and stress. This means that your body needs sleep to fight infections and inflammation, and long-term sleep deprivation has been linked to diabetes, obesity and heart and blood vessel disease.


Sermorelin acetate therapy is a popular treatment which can drastically improve bone density, body mass, cognition, memory and sex drive. Not only that, sermorelin can also increase energy levels, fat burning, and can boost a patient’s immune system.

Sermorelin therapy works by injecting sermorelin acetate daily (usually in the evening), which in turn stimulates the body’s pituitary gland. Once stimulated, the body’s pituitary glands produce an increased amount of naturally secreted human growth hormone (HGH). Sermorelin, it should be noted, is not a growth hormone – rather, it is naturally occurring amino acids. This means it is perfectly safe to use, with any minimal side-effects being slight allergic reactions. Sermorelin is an effective (and safe) way to quickly boost your body’s immune systems and overall wellness.


Maintaining proper fitness is one of the best ways to improve your immune system. Exercising regularly can keep your immune system in peak condition through:

  • Encouraging healthy sleeping patterns
  • Promoting good circulation, which in turn triggers the release of hormones which alert to the immune system of pathogens
  • Lowering your risk of infection
  • Flushing harmful bacteria from the lungs
  • Slowing and reducing the flow of stress-related hormones in the body
  • Releasing endorphins, which can improve mood and relieve pain

Vitamin Cocktails

Vitamin cocktails are one of the hottest trends in wellness, and it’s easy to see why. Vitamin cocktails, another term for a specially formulated blend of vitamins is designed to quickly help you boost your immune system and overall wellbeing. The vitamin therapies are extremely helpful in boosting a patient’s immune system, supercharging their energy levels, increasing hydration and improving symptoms of asthma, allergies, headaches, the cold and the flu. The reason these vitamin cocktails are so potent is that the nutrients travel directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the issues other delivery methods face, and providing 100-percent hydration and administration of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to your body.

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