Every service we offer here at Walk-In to Wellness, and everything we do, is centered around wellness – your wellness, and helping you reach optimal health.  Wellness screenings and testing are available at Walk-In to Wellness. It is in line with our vision of providing affordable access to quality health care services. We offer a number of tests including:

  • Allergy Testing
  • Food Allergy Testing
  • Hormone Testing

Hormone Testing

Hormones play a major role in one’s appearance and overall bodily functions.  When there’s a hormonal imbalance, you know it. You feel it. We have a variety of labs we work with to help determine options to manage issues impacted by unbalanced hormones, such as weight loss, fatigue, libido, strength, and overall vitality.

Personalized Products Based on Test Results

Once we identify the problems through hormone testing and deficiency testing, we’ll determine the best approach to take – be it nutritional supplements and/or perhaps incorporating lifestyle changes that will help you improve your overall vitality. We offer personalized products and hormone deficiency treatments for both men and women.

Food Allergy Testing

Food allergies are a serious and potentially life-threatening medical condition which affect millions of people around the world and are becoming more and more common. At Walk-In to Wellness, we evaluate the food allergy symptom you present with. Because food allergies can underlie other health issues, we test for them. Food allergy tests are typically a combination of skin testing and a blood test.

Allergy Testing

Many people are walking around with no idea that they suffer from allergies, but yet, they know that something is amiss. Allergies can sometimes interfere with our daily activities and quality of life.  It’s important for you to get allergy testing to determine if you have indoor, outdoor, or food allergies. Then, get on a nutrient-rich regimen to help you manage your allergies naturally.

Start Your Journey to Wellness with Us

Call us or text us to make an appointment to discuss how our services can help you on your journey to wellness. Walk-In to Wellness will help you every step of the way. Here’s to great health!

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